Public relation and Communication Strategy

Public relation

PR and Communication Strategy


With an expanding and experienced team at Social concepts, we offer the full communication package. Starting with a full review and analysis of current activity and the landscape we aim to develop insightful and effective communication strategies that deliver the results you require for public relations.

Given our heritage in digital communication, we approach the plan with integration front of mind ensuring that everything we deliver offline is further amplified online.

Media and Influencer Relations

The traditional approach to media coverage is no longer enough. With evolving audience behaviours and the rise of online media our approach to getting people talking about your business is no longer one-fold.

We strive to approach the most relevant channel, whether that is a blogger, metro newspaper journalist or online influencer and tell your story in the most compelling way to secure their interest and drive the conversation.

Issues and Reputation Management

The key to surviving a reputation crisis is preparation and solid communication protocols. We work with our clients that are exposed to risk whether it is offline or online to develop a system that integrates with their business practices.

During a crisis, our team works 24/7 to ensure we monitor and evaluate the conversation wherever it is occurring and liaise directly to develop the appropriate responses.

Internal Communications

We are passionate about empowering every employee to support your business’ vision and goals. We can provide solid communication plans that aim to not only communicate the business messages and success stories but actively engage with employees to turn them into your top advocates – a strategy that is under-utilised.

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